These are the marketing campaigns which I feel personally are the best..


For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18. #IHObIHOP to IHOB



  • They are known for their pancakes for almost 60 years
  • They have taken the greatest risk possible
  • The sales of burgers has been quadrapled since then

Nike – Dream Crazy

  • This ad features NFL quarterback player Colin Kaepernick
  • Nike was outslashed after the ad
  • Nike sales grew 31% that year compared with the previous year after releasing an ad featuring Kaepernick


Nike Dream Crazy. An ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped Campains


  • Spotify Wrapped ad contains first part which is previous years music trend
  • Second part is personalised music
  • This ad was considered timely, for its personalised branding

Oddly IKEA

  • Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and is described as a pleasurable relaxation response some individuals feel in response to certain stimuli or sounds
  • And as a result of the campaign, IKEA’s Back To College sales went up to 27% increase
Oddly IKEA


KFC to FCK a sorry campaign for their customers
  • KFC has to do this campaign in order to calm people down for the shortage of chicken in their stores. This ad has been paid of well, and bagged many awards. The same year KFC was nominated for the best company of the year.

It is difficult to understand the strategies behind every marketing stunt. It takes great knowledge and experience. You can refer to The Art of Digital Marketing for more.